“The singular point of beautiful objects, and people, is that they are experienced not as parts, or ratios between cheekbones and chin, but as wholes. The experience of beauty is a perception, but it is one that mixes up various other sensations and makes them converge in a particular way.”

– Charles Jencks

Roses Do Not Bloom Hurriedly

Nature and building are inextricably linked. No matter how rigid and rational architecture has been designed, it is always placed in a context where nature has its influence.

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House 1

Inspired by the social theories of structuralist architecture, we designed House 1 as a perfect base for a young and modern family.

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Another Reality

After Lina Bo Bardi: a collaborative exhibition for Stroom The Hague that explores the relationship between Lina Bo Bardi and Aldo van Eyck.

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We designed this old-fashioned espresso bar as a statement against the exclusive hip hotspots.

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