I Know Places

“I know places we can go babe. Coming home, come unfold, babe.” A song can sometimes take you to beautiful places in your mind. We brought a place like this to life, based on the lyrics from the song “I know places” by Lykke Li.

Rotterdam, the Netherlands
preliminary design
leisure, residential
25 sqm
project playlist

“The moment I open the garden fence, I smell the scent of damp wood. The hinge makes a grating sound. It doesn’t matter, iron rusts quickly in a climate like this. The last glow – I can hardly see the cottage in the twilight. It’s been a while, but it seems still the same. The coarse concrete reminds me of the old days. Now I’m opening the door. It’s dark, but I know exactly how I left it. The small floor tiles need some scrubbing – the garden is as much inside as it is outside. That’s for tomorrow. The little light that passes through the small openings somehow gives rhythm to my steps. Almost. I put down the groceries on the kitchen table as I continue to dance. It’s started raining. Very well. Around the corner, I step into the dome. For a second, I feel lost. And then found again.”

After a busy week, there's nothing like a weekend cabin; this little house offers everything, but no extra's. It is characteristic in both design and materials.


Rhythmic tiles lead through the surprising interior. Behind the corner, everything happens.