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Juffrouw van Zanten

Rotterdam, the Netherlands
architecture, interior
restaurant / bar
160 sqm
13 Speciaal

In the heart of Kralingen, one of Rotterdam’s most loved family neighborhoods, Juffrouw van Zanten is the place to be from early in the morning to the late afternoon.

The interior, designed by Namelok, as well as the whole rationale was inspired by the fifties. Back then, nothing was more important than family. With the disappearance of traditional roles in the household and the increasingly busy lives of just about anybody, things require a bit more creativity. For the modern family man or woman, a day seems to be fully preoccupied by bringing the kids to school, getting lots of work done, making sure the family eats healthy and maintaining a social life on-the-go. Juffrouw van Zanten may focus on this subordinate group, but welcomes all.

The bar area is situated right at the main entrance. The bar itself, with its dark blue solid surface and ribbed leather front, is a real modern interpretation of a classic counter: simple design with high end materials. The ribbed leather is mirrored by a ribbed felt wallcovering, just above the dark wood wall bench on the other side of the space. This together creates a warm entrance and makes visitors feel right at home, without losing any originality in design.

To fully utilize the height of the restaurant, without losing its spacious feel, a split-level construction was made. The entresol can be reached by a modern glass and steel staircase, offers the guests a nice overlook of the restaurant. Underneath, the souterrain can be reached by a unique ramp that was inspired by the pedestrian bridges in Venice. The rock-n-roller, the nickname that the locals gave to the ramp, is designed so that it’s perfectly usable for people as well as strollers. That is what Juffrouw van Zanten is all about – to enjoy a classic day out alone or with family and friends. Hot day? The colorful interior extends to the buzzing terrace as well.

ground floor & entresol

ground floor & entresol

basement & souterrain

The souterrain can be reached by a unique ramp that was inspired by the pedestrian bridges in Venice.