Where are the childhood memories of our generation stored? We were intrigued by stacks of old videotapes, and its memorabilia, and investigated the possibilities of the meter-long videotape hidden in it.

product type
pendant light

The oxide-coated mylar in the VHS cassette is a fragile and flexible ribbon. It has a beautiful deep black-blue color, with a shiny and dull side. The lightness versus strength makes the material extremely special in itself.

Six panels, of each 60cm wide, form a single lampshade with a diameter of approximately 1.5 meters. The open structure of perfectly positioned oxide coated mylar creates a dynamic and astonishing image. Depending on the viewer’s angle, the material will transform from a scales skin appearance to a transparent water surface with the dazzling reflection of the sun.

We designed a pendant light inspired by the ‘old-fashioned’ lampshade - immediately recalling memories of the days at the grandparents.

Video nostalgia